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Open-Source Plugins September 2015 - September 2016

Open-Source Plugins

In cooperation with Fraport AG our team developed a blind-friendly plugin for the Document Management System Alfresco. Alfresco is an Open-Source-System, which was customized to so-called Skydoc by Fraport. The Plugin is developed for the standard version of Alfresco and can be installed into Skydoc as well. The aim of the project is therefore to make Alfresco accessible and fully usable by blind Fraport employees.


The goal of our project is to develop a plugin that allows blind people to use the core processes of Alfresco. Hence, the DMS should be optimized for screen readers. The project should be finalized until September 2016. Ultimately, the plugin will be introduced at Fraport and distributed to the open source community to enable blind people to work with Alfresco.


Alfresco is a web application that provides a range of APIs. In our case the development will be done by using Java, JavaScript, and Freemarker Template Language.


We defined the conception of the plugin as key challenge. Thus, as a first project step it should be well clarified, how exactly blind people use hardware and software. This is very important for the effective usability of the plugin. Secondly, the team has to get familiar with the development process of a plugin in Alfresco, as in contrast to stand-alone applications, there exist multiple interdependencies between Alfesco and the plugin.

Lessons Learned

  • Interactions of blind people with computers
  • Handling and development of Alfresco
  • Improvement of programming and project management skills
  • Screenshots

    Alfresco Example
    Voiceover Example
    Workshop at Fraport

    Team Members

    • Sophia Maier
    • Daniel Flachs
    • Philipp Kaiser
    • Timur Temizer
    • Nadezhda Klimenko


    "Nothing is stronger than habit." Ovid