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Leaf Systems October 2013 – February 2014

Leaf Systems

The goal of Leaf Systems is to provide restaurants with innovative technology in order to perfectionize service processes for restaurants. Strong focus is set on usability which has to be intuitive for everybody. That is why our slogan is “Leaf the problems behind“ for things, which are really important.


Our Goal is to become the leading provider for cloud based restaurant management systems and the interface for leading innovation in restaurant service processes.


Our system is based on an open technology platform. This means that our system is conceptualized with open APIs for external innovation like pre-ordering, digital payment, reservation, etc.


Ease of use is the central topic of our philosophy.

Lessons Learned

We do not only improve the processes in restaurants for more efficiency, we create a totally new concept for restaurants based on our technology. Very positive reactions come from our first customers after experiencing Leaf Systems. Especially, the ease of use of our technology is one of the big advantages always mentioned by them.

Business Model

Each restaurant pays a little monthly fee for using the system, know how, service and support is provided by us.



Team Members

  • Patrick Marksteiner
  • Patrick Neulinger
  • Shenwei Ye
"Success is on the far side of failure." Thomas Watson Sr.