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MApp April 2015 - April 2016


MApp is an Android mobile application that makes the process of finding events and establishments significantly efficient. Recent events can be published and searched using this application.


Our goal is to be one of the most popular applications in the market for marketing and finding the most demanded events nearby.


Our software has been programmed using Android Studio. Data is stored in a database using Parse to provide a quick and efficient cloud based platform. Furthermore, we have used GitHub for code management.


We see challenges particularly in marketing and sales, as customers need to prefer our application and generate considerable revenue.

Business Model

For the use of MApp we charge a monthly subscription fee depending on the usage of the customers.

Lessons Learned

We got to know recent mobile development technology and challenges. By interacting with pilot customer base, we efficiently understood user requirements for providing a better user experience.


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Team Members

  • Era Doda
  • Gert Pere
  • Sani Kumar Nope
  • Sonam Saraf


"Nothing is stronger than habit." Ovid