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SpotiX October 2014 - October 2015


SpotiX is a mobile, multi-platform application that provides location-based and social networking features based on SAP HANA database technology. Besides the mobile applications for iOS and Android, the project includes a web application to make use of the analytical capabilities of HANA.


The goal of SpotiX needs elaboration in several respects.

In terms of technology, SpotiXstresses the power of SAP HANA and explores how its rich set of features can help real-time operations on high-volume data set. Meanwhile, the project team is also looking for creative diverging directions for application with out-of-the-box ideas.

In terms of project management, scrum methodology is applied to cope with complexity and change in each iteration. Target is to drive self-organizing teams with greater autonomy towards shared goal.

In terms of business concept, SpotiX aims to provide a comprehensive end-to-end location based service, which bring benefits to both end users and local business.


SpotiX uses a set of different technologies. The backend runs on SAP HANA, while the mobile applications are natively implemented on iOS and Android. SpotiXWeb, the analytics application that is optimized for desktop usage, is a web application based on the AngularJS framework from Google.


Key components of SpotiX include front-end mobile application, web application and back-end SAP HANA database.

SpotiX mobile application, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, serves as a combination of crowd-sourced reviewing community and social networking channel. Submitting a spot check-in and getting it reviewed drive the discovery of trendy places in the region. The anonymous live chatroom function with location services takes the classic concept of a chat room and adds a geo-aware technology. The app works as a convenient and fun hub for connecting strangers looking to share experiences and exploring interesting places.

Rather than a standalone mobile application, with the support of HANA’s strong high-volume and real-time processing power, SpotiXweb-based dashboard offers transparency and easy monitory on the usage of SpotiXmobile application. Key insights drawn from users’ activities not only help webmaster for website maintenance but also provide local business an opportunity to understand customers’ engagements and behaviors, ultimately attract in-store foot traffic by target marketing.

SpotiX provides an innovative end-to-end solution for location-based services.

Business Model

SpotiX removes the cost-barrier to allow free downloads via app store. Growing by getting users to engage in community activities, connecting users through social networking features, the actual goal is to accumulate a sizeable user base and gather information on the people interacting with the app through the growth phase.

Once certain scale has been achieved, there are two monetization options: mobile advertising placement platform and reliable marketing information provider. The essential problem of traditional ad model of advertising like most banner ads perform poorly in getting impressions and provides little value to both the publishers as the advertiser and users as the audience. With the support of analytics dashboard, SpotiX can service as a platform for target marketing to solve such problem. A premium account monthly fee for such information donates the major revenue stream.

At this stage of the project, the current business model provides conceptual basis for capturing the characteristics of high-level vision and strategy. Before launching the service in the market, its business model should be further refined by validating or refuting assumptions. Holistic perspective integrating marketing, operational, financial and organizational aspects should be developed to gain better understanding of inner and outer environment.

Lesson Learned

One important thing we learned while applying Scrum approach in our project is to be open to changes. Responding to change is more important than following a plan. Besides that, we collected a lot of experience in using SAP HANA and the parallel development of mobile applications for two platforms.


Mobile App - Create Spot
Mobile App - Map Screen
Mobile App - Search for Spots
Web Analytics App - Dashboards for Spots
Web Analytics App - Dashboards for User Monitoring

Team Members

  • Roman Belosludtsev
  • Kevin Frei
  • Mengying Li
  • Eva Rey
  • Nicolas Stamer
  • Maximilian Wich


"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there will be no hope for it." Albert Einstein