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gastromatic is a web application streamlining the process of the stuff planning in gastronomy. The customer benefit arises through the substantial time saving in the personnel planning.


Our goal is to become innovation as well as market leader for web-based personnel planning software in gastronomy.


The backend of our software is written in JavaScript. The data are managed by a MongoDB database. To accelerate the development process and to ensure a good functionality, we use the framework Bootstrap. In Addition, we extended the system by AngularJS.


We see challenges particularly in the marketing and distribution, since they are very time and personnel consuming and the customer have to be convinced to replace well-tried planning strategies by a software solution.

Lessons Learned

A good communication with pilot customers is the basis for an adequate and useful web application.

Business Model

For the usage of gastromatic we charge a monthly fee that depends on the number of locations and employees.



Team Members

  • Peter Macherey
  • Dominik Kantner
  • Florian Klima
  • Patrick Pötzsch
  • Tristan Reifert
  • René Galle
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